Masturbate: How to Masturbate

Learn to masturbate! 10 errors that they have when indulging

What do you do wrong when it comes to giving you pleasure? Check out these tips, get to work and correct your faults:

Taboos out! Masturbarte is one of the healthiest activities you can do, because besides that it fills you with pleasure and relaxes you, it helps you in something that is fundamental: knowing your body .

Yes, those are the great benefits, but you also have to take into account certain mistakes that are made in “that” moment. These failures may prevent you from reaching orgasm , or worse, you may cause injury or infection .

Women should be more careful when exploring their body, due to how delicate their genitals are . Also, not for the simple fact that you are giving yourself pleasure, it means that you are taking advantage of everything you can do.

That’s why in De10. mx we tell you what you should stop doing when it comes to masturbating Take note!

1. Try too much

If you push yourself to reach orgasm you will only get stressed and you will not enjoy it. If you are going to “touch” you must keep in mind that it is to be enjoyed regardless of the result.

2. You do not use the resources around you

Do not be afraid to use sex toys, watch porn, play music or candles. These elements help you to recreate your fantasies and have more pleasant orgasms.

3. Do it before sleep

When you go to bed after a long workday, the last thing you should do is masturbate. You’re tired and almost certainly will not reach orgasm. Try doing it when you wake up to feel more energized.

4. To think that it is one more task

eye! It is not an obligation or something you do only when you are bored. You must turn it into a special and pleasant moment in which you feel sexy. If necessary create an entire experience: wear cute underwear and put some music.

5. Do not practice the Kegel exercise

It would be good to do these exercises frequently to strengthen your pelvic floor, so you will have more orgasms and it will not hurt to touch you.

6. Do not use lubricant

We almost always think that it was created to be used only as a couple, but it is not like that. You can use a few drops to make your experience more pleasant, because your fingers will slide more easily.

7. Taboos

Many women enjoy masturbating, but then feel guilt over the taboos that still exist about this practice. Leave that aside so you can enjoy without guilt.

8. Hand or vibrator?

Sometimes we make the mistake of masturbating only with the hand or only with a vibrator, because that is “easier”. But give it variety, combine things to achieve different sensations.

9. You never stay “to the limit”

Most women make this mistake. You could try until you’re totally aroused, and when you’re on that thin line, about to reach orgasm, stop. Yes, it sounds cruel, but it will help you to be more intense.

10. Depend on your partner

Do not feel sorry or guilty for giving yourself pleasure in your absence. To know what you like in sex (and then tell him) you must explore yourself, right?

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