Best Ways To Make A Man Cum

12 Ways to Make a Man Cum & Feel a Special Being:

Show him all your love does not require a special day, make a man feel a special being your life, it might seem a complicated task, but it is not since the male psyche is much easier to please.

To a man that deserves it or that you want to conquer , do not spare your affection, it is not a matter of you deviating, but also of what you receive when someone is happy with you. Remember: “Give to receive”, when it is done with sincerity it is received in abundance.

Keeping the spark of a living relationship and creating special moments every day will create a reciprocal and pleasant relationship, when you manage to recognize the aspects that make your partner happy. Making a special man feel has its rewards, since he will always try to correspond to you in the same measure. Remember that every man wants to be supported, encouraged and congratulated for his action or thoughts. Your positive and timely presence helps bring out the best in him.

Here we give you 12 ways to make a man feel a special being:

1. Magical words to make a special man feel:

When there is true love you can make him feel a special being, you will achieve it with little effort and what you say can make a big difference in your relationship. Men need recognition, the ego is one of their Achilles heels, feeling that your attention is important to them, terms like “thank you are the best”, “I trust you”, “I am by your side”, “you look incredible “,” I’m listening to you “, can make magic in your relationship .

2. Sometimes silence is a gift to make a special man feel:

When a man is nervous or worried, he prefers to isolate himself and let time calm what is disturbing him. If you really want him to feel a special being for you, you must learn to understand and recognize their needs, at times like this … make it clear that you are with him and that you support him, but give him his space and a little time to overcome him . Remember that the vision of men is focal and they can not attend to several things at the same time. Do not distract him, just support him.

3. Value your opinion and put your advice into practice:

There is nothing better to make a man feel good than to let him solve things, to know that the hero will cause him such a pleasant sensation that he will reward you, if his advice is useful do not hesitate to put it into practice, in this way He will notice how much you value his words and will make him feel a special being to you.

4. Make a man feel that has conquered you

Flirt with him, even in front of his friends and let him know that you are attracted, that you like and be sexy when he looks at you, the result you will have on your part is his admiration of your femininity and chivalry. Men need to be praised, and feeling conquerors that raises their ego. Highlight the positive qualities that you have and you have to feel a special being in an integral way.

5. Never criticize it in front of others

Most men can not stand a partner who criticizes them constantly. If you do not agree with something, say it with respect and affection, never in public or in an offensive way.

6. Make room for each moment

While it is true that you can seek the support of your man and make him feel special by listening to his advice, everything has its time and its moment. When you are together, enjoy those moments, do not always bring out past problems. Each problem is solved and the chapter is closed. Make the moments together a special space for both.

7. Do not let your reputation be tarnished

Every person deserves the respect of those around them, when someone speaks against you or makes negative comments you will have to defend them. If a member of the family or a friend has a problem with the one that solves it with him and does not ventilate with other people.

8. Do not make comparisons

Make it clear that he is unique to you and that’s why you love him. Do not underestimate your intelligence or your ability to handle things, or compare it to someone else. Always express your respect and appreciation for him and you will surely receive the same from him.

9. Show your love beyond the gifts

If you want to give her something, it’s fine, but things like giving her a massage after a tired day, preparing her favorite food for no special reason other than making a man feel like a special being, accompanying him whenever he wants to go see football, small sacrifices of love to make him happy and you will achieve reciprocity .

10. Give him a lot of privacy

Not only does intimacy mean sex, but make him feel special and loved by embracing him effusively for no reason when they are alone, sitting on his lap, caressing him while watching a movie, playing with his hair or playing tickling touching him in his most sensitive parts with eroticism . Touching a man both sexually and non-sexually makes them feel extraordinarily well.

11. Make a man feel loved and needy

Maybe you can be completely independent and self sufficient and that is perfect, but being with your partner make him feel that he can help you and make your life more beautiful and comfortable in such simple things as opening a jar, downloading something that is very high, helping you with your car, etc., again, let him be a man for you, he feels like a man when he is needed and can solve. Sometimes your independence could make you feel unwanted, unloved and unloved.

12. Share secrets and dreams

Sharing your secrets and dreams with him, is making him feel a man that is special to you, is another kind of intimacy. Motivating him to also share his secrets and dreams is to bring him closer to you, because you support him and listen to him, it is another kind of intimacy in complicity.

As you see making a special man feel is to plant a path of reciprocity towards you and will have rewards that you will enjoy.


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