All About Being Sexy Chubby?


And record that I write fat because I’m leaving the “ito’s”, chubby, short, little friend, hahaha.

Not all of us want to live in a gym, spend diets and be mortified all the time for how many calories we have consumed per day, so I am sharing these 6 basic tips to be a sexy and well dressed fat man.

1.- Say no to small sizes! The best thing is to find clothes in your exact size. Avoid synthetics that fit the skin.

2.- Use garments that project your shoulders, the bag is ideal, you balance the shape of the body. You can also play with layers and ponchos, you will look super cool, especially in autumn-winter.

3.- Say no to paintings and prints circles and receive the vertical lines with passion.

4.- Wear pants with short shot and with the correct measurement, we do not want the stomach to split in two.

5.- Stand straight and gain height, being hunched does not help you and can cause injuries. Choose dark colors for the top and a little lighter on the bottom.

6.- Confidence, attitude and incredible clothes are your best tools to conquer. Use jackets and bags of 3 buttons, these lengthen your figure.

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Since if you want to put pictures, circles and prints together, that no one tells you otherwise, we are free to decide in our lives.

Anyway, I hope these tips are helpful and if you have any other you have worked, share with us.

12 steps to stop being a fat guy in the city:

There is nothing wrong with being fat, but fatness in most cases means poor health, low self-esteem and poor quality of life. There are very nice fat, beautiful fat, but the fat is due more to eating disorders than genetics.

One of the main foundations of good health and good physical and emotional state is to have little body fat, ie be thin, stop being a fat, not be a potbellied. And everything is a consequence of habits, so if you are overweight, stop being a fat person is basically change habits, acquire other habits.

Steps to stop being a fat man

1.- The first challenge is to build a new healthy habit
The first challenge is to build a new habit
It has to be conquering small challenges, which you know you can achieve.

Go to the gym and meet the routines 4 times a week, change your way of feeding, etc., maybe it’s too drastic to sustain in time. The most likely is that you give up, although some people tolerate this pain and move on, maybe you do not have so much strength.

Build a habit, for example drink more water, eat more protein than carbohydrates , etc. Small things, which you know will not fail or require minimal effort. But it stays there for more than a month.

2.- Recognize that you want to stop being a fat person
It is not enough that you only want to burn fat because you will see better. Create a list of all the things you want to do when you’ve finally burned most of that excess fat from your stomach, back, waist, etc.

What are you going to do when you have two or three sizes less? Practice some sport, go for a walk with friends, dance more, participate in racing contests, etc. I do not know how your list will be, but once it’s done, start right now, to get together with that kind of people. Recognize that you no longer want to be a fat person with your attitude, not just words or thoughts.

3.- The excess of fat you did not gain it in one night
Nobody is born with an excess of fat. So, if it’s your case, you got there for some pernicious customs repeated over several years.

Remember what you did as a child, maybe you were an athlete, but then in college or working you stopped doing sports. The sedentary life, fast foods, alcohol and soft drinks, changed your life completely, but it was not from one day to the next.

To stop being a fat man is not going to happen overnight either, so stop looking for magic formulas and dedicate yourself to building a new little habit.

4.- Establish reasonable goals
Set reasonable goals
If you want to lose 20 Kilos, great, but, remember when you won those 20 kilos?

Most want to lose weight in a short time, one month, two, three, no more, most give up. Very few persist. So let’s face it, losing 20 kilos requires a lot of work for more than three months. On average, following a very strict diet and exercise program, you can lose 1 to 1.5 kg per month.

5.- Do not make drastic changes in your diet
The common thing in people are overweight is the consumption of fast food, cookies, soft drinks, sausages. Too many calories bacías, without nutrients that contribute. That’s why they’re hungry and they keep eating more.

If you decide to stop being a fat man, you should not leave that kind of food all at once. Make small changes, but you may want to be drastic: adding oatmeal to your breakfast, fruit and vegetable salad at lunch; chicken breast with broccoli.

It looks heroic to be drastic, but according to statistics, the people who do this will not last more than a week. Somehow they start cheating. Much better is to make simple changes, for example make only one change every week or every month. Instead of soda, start drinking water.

6. Do not get too excited in the gym
Whether you berry the gym or not, do not get too excited about the exercises. As with changing your diet, it starts a few. What matters most, at the beginning, is not the change itself, but to build a new healthy habit.

For example you can start walking every morning, climb stairs instead of using the elevator, join a group that does sports, etc. You create a small new habit and then the following changes will be simpler.

Small changes make the big difference, more than big changes, because you can deal with something small, but a big change in your life … most can not sustain it in time.

Stop being a fat over in the city or in your home, it is a very difficult decision. Your habits will constantly push you to cheat. For example, the food will be ready in 15 minutes and you can not wait and grab a bag of chips.

You could not wait for only 15 minutes, and take out the account. How long have you been postponing losing weight? 10 years, 20 years …

Losing weight will not be quick, so you better practice a little self-control every day, or do not worry anymore, after all, being fat is not so bad, tell me.

8.- You will have to say more times NO
You have to learn to wait

By building a habit of fat you have surrounded yourself by a world that pushes you, effortlessly, down that road. Your best friends, your family, the people you love most … all contribute to your fat life.

You can have a month focused on your challenge with a good diet and exercises. Suddenly a friend, sits in front of you with a tremendous and delicious mouthful and very friendly, gives you a big piece. Of course, you take it and give it a bite, but this time you have to say NO. This scene will be repeated many times, and you always have to say NO.

9.- Then surround yourself with other types of people
For everything to help you stop being a fat man you do not just have to change your diet and exercise, the most important thing is that you have to change your world.

Usually people make this change when it hurts, and some people in your world still do not want to change, they will keep pushing you to the pernicious foods and habits of being overweight and you will never have enough will, because the habit is more strong.

You do not have to abandon your friendships, only incorporate others that have good habits, for example frequent sports groups. In your city for all kinds of sports there are groups, find out.

10.- Do not eat when in reality you only need water
Do not eat when you really only need water
Most fat people do not drink enough water, and when they feel thirsty they eat something accompanying their soda.

This is a very good strategy to delay eating, drink water and wait 20 minutes. If you’re still hungry, eat something that has protein, not calories. I already told you at the beginning that you have to inform yourself about the good and bad foods.

11.- Stop taking too many bad foods home
This is common among overweight people, they bring home many bags of chips, soft drinks, bread sticks, cookies, candy, etc. He sits watching TV and eating.

It’s okay to sit and watch TV, but eat fruit, a protein shake, there are also carbohydrate bars with fiber. With these foods your food cabinet will not look so full.

12.- If you feel hungry, you are cheating
If you eat a good breakfast with good carbohydrates and protein, you will feel full, full. You will not be hungry until the next meal. But if you feel like eating, it’s that you did not eat a good breakfast, you cheated.

You may not really feel hungry, but the habit pushes you, your mind pushes you. I do not blame you, a custom built for many years is powerful.

Much of your work to stop being a fat more, will be mental. The first time, endure hunger, it will be terrible, maybe you feel that you die. Maybe you feel that food saves your life, it will be difficult. That’s right, that’s why only a few achieve that big dream of doing things you can not do when you’re fat.

Motivation to stop being a fat man

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