Good husband and wife

Being good husband and wife a must for a healthy married life:

There are lots of good advice on how to be good husband and wife that can be followed to make a husband happy in the relationship. Only respect and kind words can make him happy. Treat him in a way that you would like to be treated. How to make a husband happy can sound funny but it is the best way to avoid divorce and live happily with your spouse. Since husbands work hard to provide to the families, he deserves to be happy. They deserve love and care. You can make your husband happy by showing your love. If you love him show that to him. If you are happy with your husband, even the kids will have some security in the family. They will learn from you and when they grow up, they will also respect their spouses.

Be romantic

Even after years of marriage, do not allow romance to take a back seat and make it your priority. Save sometime for the romantic activities like beach walks, candle light dinners and cuddle up while watching a movie. Do not wait for any special occasion to take out some time for the man of your life. Since sexual fulfillment is the top priority of any male, try and spice up the sex life. Since the happiness of a man is dependent on a woman, you need to find out ways on how to make him happy. It is true that keeping the marriage fresh and exciting is challenging amid the stress of daily existence but there are ways to let him know how much you love him.

Discuss out your problems

There is no point in bottling up or accumulating the issues and staying quiet. The bitterness and problems will grow on you to cause issues in the conjugal relationship. If you have any problem, try to discuss that out with your husband. Be calm and carry out reasoned discussion with him. Be a good listener and then speak patiently. Do not just scream at him.

Show love and appreciation

Nowadays, husbands are too romantic and they never leave any stones unturned when it comes to making you feel special. He may buy flowers, a dress or perfume and your task must be to show love and appreciation. Do not take all the wonderful things your man does for you casually. Let him know how much you like the gift or his gesture of love. Give him a kiss and hug when he presents a gift.

Fix up anything which is bothering you

A relationship always works two ways. If your man is happy and you are unhappy, it will show on your face at some point of time. You need to discuss that out politely and resolve it.

Let him feel secured

Only when you are honest with him and reveal what you are doing he will feel secured. Trust is very important in a conjugal relationship. Even if he does not like certain facts, you have to be honest and truthful. Then, try to compliment your man when he deserves or does something praiseworthy. It would be a great bonus if you compliment him in front of his friends.

Avoid making him jealous

There are many who just commit the mistake of making her man jealous. This only hurts a boyfriend and husband and does no good. It may even harm the relationship by damaging the trust.

Being the support system

Be his support system and do not criticize him severely if he does something wrong. Everyone commits a mistake and if he has done some mistakes, try to avoid that and support him. If you blame him like others, it will cause a serious dent to your relationship. He will be more than happy when he is supported by his ladylove. When times are tough, just remind him of his great qualities and he will like you more. Apart from this, it is important to respect him all the time and never to belittle him in front of others. Boost his ego by showing that you depend or rely on him.

Doing nice things for him

A relaxing massage or pampering session after a hard day’s work can make your man very happy. Pick any of the evenings and give him a relaxing massage. Secondly, cook his favorite food and dishes. It is rightly proclaimed that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you cook well, he will be happy.

Break free from everyday monotony and do something special for your husband. Plan out date nights and just inject the element of fun in your relationship. Try and give him surprise gifts in return for the good work done by him. If he has earned promotion, throw a surprise party to compliment him in front of all. This will make him feel on the top of this world.

Follow the above points and improve yourself to be a Good husband and/or wife.

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