How Can I Make My Husband Happy Sexually

How Can I Make My Husband Happy Sexually?

Pleasing a man in bed is much more complicated than most women think, read this article to know how can a wife make her husband happy again:

The notion that men are simple sexual creatures that can be easily satisfied is an idea that many women share, but it is terribly wrong.

Men are as complicated as women, and pleasing a man in bed and making you remember forever is not a very easy thing to do.

Beign a wife how can make my husband happy sexually again and again

how can a woman make her husband happy? 5 things what can a wife do to make her husband happy:

1.-  Take your time

Some women think that men only care about the final note of making love and not about the process.

This is completely wrong.

While it is important for a man to reach orgasm, men enjoy the whole process.

That is why foreplay is something that a man greatly appreciates and if or if you should take care of it if you really want to know how to please a man in bed .

How to satisfy a man in bed and Positions to make love

2.-  Change of position

Men like variety and it is easy for them to get bored if their sex life follows the same pattern over and over again.

To drive a man in bed crazy, all you have to do is change your sexual positions from time to time

Some positions may be more pleasurable for both of you, and it is possible to find one that you have not tried before, and that could give you extreme pleasure, so it’s worth trying new things when you want to learn how to please a man.

3.-  Do not forget to move

One of the things that men complain about is that their wife does not move in bed.

“All he does is just lie there” this is something I’ve heard many men talk about.

Your man wants to see that you are involved in this moment.

To seduce a man in bed you must be an active participant, it is not possible that you enjoy a lot of fun at a distance.

Also, the addition of your own movements to his will increase your pleasure and his in an incredible way.

How to satisfy a man – do not waste the chance to be a goddess in bed

4.-  Use your hands

We all know that the male genital area is sensitive to touch.

Your hands can do wonders to elevate the mood of your man and send him to ecstasy.

Make sure you use irregular strokes and change the rhythm often.

A tip that I found extremely useful is to use some baby oil on the hands.

This can literally send your man into a state of pleasure shock.

A truth about oral sex and how to make a man fall in love

5.-  Oral Sex

One thing that all men enjoy is oral sex .

To really please your man, you have to give him some oral sex.

Men are naturally very grateful to women who do that, and you will probably get special treatment in return.

Make sure you take your time and experiment with different techniques.

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