Salma Hayek’s stripteases that left nothing to the imagination

Salma Jaye Stripping:

The Mexican actress has characterized and attracted attention not only for her acting work, but also for her beauty and physical attractiveness, which has led her to interpret very sensual characters in various films.

Salma Hayek began her career starring in the telenovela Teresa , to then make the film El Callejón de los Milagros for which she was nominated for an Ariel Award. But his goal was always in Hollywood, where he has made most of his films.

To remember the Veracruz today, on her birthday # 50 , as it should be, we leave you the hottest scenes she has starred in, those in which she detaches from her clothes and performs very sensual dances. What is your favorite?

super chichotas: American (2011)

American is the title of a French film written and directed by Mathieu Demy, who trained in 2011 in France. The story of this drama focuses on the life of “Martin” (Mathieu Demy), who lives in Paris and after the death of his mother decides to travel to the city of Tijuana, Mexico, to look for “Lola” ( Salma Hayek ), a Mexican woman she met as a child and who occupied a special place in her mother’s life.

In the film the actress wears a red wig, tiny and sensual garments, and performs a very provocative dance. Not leaving much to the imagination.

salma hayek striptease: From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

The striptease best remembered that Salma was made in 1996, appearing in the movie From Dusk Till Dawn , titled in Spanish from dusk to dawn . Where the Mexican appears with a small bikini and carrying on his shoulders a huge snake. For that scene of her dancing it’s worth watching the movie!

salma hayek erotic From Acrosse the Universe (2007)

In the 2007 musical Acrosse the Universe , in one of the hallucinations that the character of “Max” has, Salma Hayek appears in a sexy nurse’s attire, caring for and taking care of the sick person and the best thing is that it is not only a Salma.

In addition, the dance is enlivened with the song Happiness is a warm gun by The Beatles. (See from minute 1:50)

Salma Jaye In Dogma (1999)

In the film Dogma , 1999, salma xxxx also appears on an erotic dance floor, using on this occasion the famous tube and with a schoolgirl look : with pigtails, glasses of pasta and a sweet and sexy pink lingerie set. Although on this occasion the dance has comic overtones, Salma teaches her charms.

Carmen hayed sexi : The Velocity of Gary ( 1998 )

In the 1998 film The Velocity of Gary , Salma plays Mary Carmen, Valentino’s girlfriend, a former adult movie actor who loves her madly, but who suffers from HIV / AIDS. In the film there is a scene in which Salma dances very sensual in a den.

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