Does Anal Sex Make Your Butt Bigger

Truth about Anal Sex: Does Anal Sex Make Your Butt Bigger?

All, however, seem to agree on one thing: that we women love. Generalization that, like all, is suspicious and has dyes to be rather a justification of its own taste. For that reason and so that my dear readers do not say that I do not deviate from my path to satisfy them, I took the trouble to discuss the matter with my friends. Below are three conclusions we reached.

1. The most obvious and the most ignored: anal sex hurts.

My friend Juana says that for one to let him get in behind he has to be drunk or the guy must have him as a child. Wise words. In an elegant and simple way they pointed to the fact that no woman allows anal sex in good judgment, a dry stick (the latter in several ways) and without having previously taken some type of relaxing to relax not only the environment, but the muscles of his delicate and narrow back door. Door through which many men intend to enter without warning, breaking as much glass, mucous and muscle obstruct the way.

My dear gentlemen, if we talk about the year, any lack of tact can end in the most painful consequences – hence, some recommend starting with your fingers, using babitas and, of course, lubricants that nowadays come in the most varied presentations. An extra fact: contrary to the common belief, petrolatum is not recommended. In addition to sticking to everything you find (sheets, walls, back and hair), there is nothing more unpleasant than a slug penetration (anal or vaginal) with the soft residues of a petroleum derivative.

2. Not all women like it.

I have heard that on the Coast men believe that we all like to be penetrated from behind – so accustomed they are to their donkeys (and as they do not speak) -. Nothing more false. There are women who say they would only do it with certain men. This is the case of Julieta, my other friend, who has answered the naive ones who have proposed to her that she will not do it until she “has a ring here” and puts the ring in her face, the same finger as many, surely, They would like to be put somewhere else. Anal sex involves blood, several days of pain and, often, excrement. That is why it is advisable to do it with someone who at least feels comfortable saying “pee and poop” -and, from the comments I have seen on the website, this is not the case with many of you-. Further, This is one of the sexual positions that gives more power to man. Think about it: who can move with something that crosses the rectum? There are women who feel more comfortable walking free.

3. Once the taste is removed, it is addictive.

So much so that it is known that some women (my friend Maria) do not sleep quietly without first verifying that they have one or two set of Chinese balls in the first drawer of the bedside table. And you can even hear stories of some who, dazzled by promises of new horizons, do not go back to the old ways, I would like to clarify: the traditional vaginal penetration. For that reason, in order not to block a potential addict -of which you, gentlemen, will surely be able to make the most of it- it is important to have the first two truths in mind. As I said: it’s always good to start with a little finger, watch the reaction, and move on.

If you ask me -because I know that my curious readers will do it-, my opinion is this: I like anal penetration from time to time, rather spaced and without leaving the regular channels. Of course, never in the same task, always with known types and never the first time. I’m not such a donkey.

Horny tumblr

Yes, I visited a horny tumblr page one day and the content there was just seducing. Good thing is I had my pertner with me and I tried all my fanications that day with my partner and the experience was awesome!! Let me share the strory:

Let’s see, as a start … In December I met a divorced Canadian, 40 years old, with no children on a search page, we were chatting on camera with Skype every day until April, where we met personally. Before meeting us personally he looked very excited, we talked for hours, even cried because he missed me. He had me (and he still has me) as his girlfriend on Facebook and I have already added to his mother and sister and they appreciate me a lot. I made my trip to Peru to meet us personally, since I was going to take a 10-day mini-vacation there and he decided to go too, at first very nice, very excited, but everything changed the next day …

We went for a walk around Lima and since we were already dating I tried to take his hand, he took it but after a few seconds he withdrew it and told me that he did not like to hold hands because it seemed very childish. That was the first hard blow, then, all my expenses had to be done by me, he only paid me a day of hostel and the taxi, from then on, all my expenses were running on my own and his in his. I’m not saying it’s wrong, but if you’re starting to know a girl, conquering her, the logical thing is that at least the first few days you invite her, at least food or transportation. The remaining days very cold with me, completely passed me, when I claimed he told me that he was fine, that I was the one who was weird. We had several fights, one of them quite strong, that I was about to finish with him.

Then we went back to my country, there he stayed in my house, but at least there he paid me for the food and part of the transport, the cinema and some attractions. Sure, if I had it in my house and in my bed !!! It would be the last straw that made me pay my everything, do not you think? His behavior was the same, so much so that I felt very bad when I went out with him, not being able to hug him or have a normal conversation (we both speak English) because he only answered me in monosyllables and all the time taking pictures and did not even want me to leave to the gym, I wanted him to eat junk food and I gained about 4 kilos in a month, and now it’s costing me to reduce. The last fight was because of that and he told me that I reminded him of his ex-wife that he spent in the gym and that the gym was more important to her than him. But it is that when we stayed at home he spent watching TV and watching videos on YouTube or playing cards on the computer, I was practically invisible. Until sex almost did not have, once a week nothing more and he finished in 5 minutes and left me wanting …

A week ago he left for Canada and sent me a letter of invitation for me to visit him in August and introduce me to his parents, who loved me and missed me, etc. The truth is that in our farewell he did not cry, I do … Now he connects very little to skype and the times we talk is very serious and he finishes me at 30 minutes, according to him because he has to look for work , he did not work and now and going to some job interviews, maybe it’s true, but it’s weird, it’s not the same, it’s very serious.

I feel he was disappointed in me and maybe he feels affection and love for me but he does not know how to end me, or his family is pressuring him to remarry and have children or maybe he wants to make him jealous to your ex. I do not know if I should continue processing my Canadian visa papers or wait a month to see his reaction, I am afraid that he will spend so much money on that visa and in the end he will not even receive me.

I like him a lot, physically he is cute and he has done nice things for me, he repaired the light of my house, and several things, but I feel that we are not compatible in many things. I was not completely happy with him while we were together, maybe he hoped that I would pay him everything in Peru and here and that’s why he was disappointed in me.

Screw My Wife as My wife cheats on me

Screw My Wife as My wife cheats on me

Screw My Wife Tumblr

My wife cheats on me: what do I do?

I have not brought this issue to make laughs: This issue is something too important and susceptible that the day less thought, it can happen to any of us There are numerous forums on the Internet that address this issue without ever clearly answer the question. That is why here, we are going to influence the issue.

It seemed to me therefore important as a man and as responsible for a website that has been researching over the Internet for more than four years, to make some precision on this subject. This guide is based on articles read on the Web compiled during these four years, on advice from psychologists, lived cases, and about my personal experience that of course does not commit you to anything, beyond reading this article.

1 / Does my wife cheat me? I accept it and I shut up!

This may seem like a phrase, read like that but I think it’s the attitude that must be adopted immediately once we know that our wife is cheating on us . We can often know this by means of a spyware for a mobile phone on a smartphone or tablet.

We can also get to know when we give each other face to face with a sexy photo or a bold message from our wife.

In any of these cases, the first attitude that we usually take is the following: ACCEPT IT AND CALL. What does this mean? For those who do not know this expression, here we have some meanings

  1. • First, calm down
  2. • Do not show your partner that you are aware of the situation
  3. • Do as if nothing happened
  4. • Reflect calmly on what steps to take next

This is a good attitude, but what to do next?

2 / Whenever possible: get out!

Do not worry. It does not have to be something definitive and does not mean that you have to leave your wife for good. No. It means that it is important to mark distances with your woman from the beginning so that things change making her understand that the situation will change: she must leave her lover if she wants to be with you again.

“Going out” also means that you are going to take a while to create a new strategy, loving strategy is understood.

If your wife cheats you openly (or secretly), it will probably be because there is someone or something that has damaged your relationship. The reason does not matter. Your wife will try to blame you and in case she does not find reasons, she will stubbornly try to create some kind of conflict with you so that you fall into them. This way you can have reasons to justify your infidelity.

Therefore for her, you will be the cause of the relationship has deteriorated.

Once you have reflected well on the situation and you are sure of your infidelity, (when you return to the theme of the spy program on the smartphone , you will have already gathered all the audio, text or photo tests, that is, you will be convinced that really you have put the horns), from that moment you will have to STOP THE SITUATION in an abrupt way creating the situation of surprise but this time FROM YOUR PART.

Now you play with advantage because you know that she cheats you but she still does not know that you know.

You can start taking control of the situation: that’s good.

I advise you to take advantage of a time when she has left: for example, when you are at work. Take some belongings but not all. You will need a reason to see her again at another time (in the suitcase you can also put objects of remembrance that you have in common, in this way you will be obliged to see them sooner or later)
Before leaving the house, do not forget something important: leave a letter directed to it and place it in a visible place for you to see it.

3 / The revelation of the facts

This letter is very important, so you should not mess it up. Keep calm. This calmness is what will surprise her. As I have already mentioned in my article on female alienation , never be evil or vulgar. That would be your worst mistake. On the contrary, even if you feel great turmoil inside yourself, never show it. Women want men who know how to dominate and control the situation: otherwise she would consider it not worthwhile to care about you.

In the letter, expose your motives on a single page (it’s not worthwhile to write a novel):

  1. • That you have found out that he was cheating on you
  2. • That you have understood why: because she needs to live her own life and is not willing to create a lasting relationship with you.
  3. • That you are going to continue thinking that she is a wonderful woman but that you have decided to let her live her own life.
  4. • That you leave because you also want to live a great and exciting experience.
  5. • That you have no problem in seeing her again as a friend and continue being friends.

After reading your letter, your wife will begin to ask herself questions like: What great thing has happened to you? Why are you so calm and not completely furious? Is she really an immature woman because she is not willing to have a stable relationship with you? That is, you turn the situation in your favor. That is still better.

4 / Heal yourself in health

Does my wife cheat me ? Yes, I felt bad for the blow suffered. But I’m getting over it.

So strong is the word that you will need to repeat it many times to convince you. But you can also tell yourself that your wife is not the only woman on the face of the Earth and that your love for her is not the only passion you have. Mentalize because otherwise, you can not turn the situation in your favor. Convince yourself of this and do everything possible to achieve it.

Create new hobbies or take up the previous ones:

  1. • Practice sports, take dance courses, meet old friends
  2. • Make outings and escapades
  3. • Make new friends, enjoy in company

These social relationships are also important for your wife: they will prevent her from monopolizing your attention and they will act as a barrier between her and your suffering. They will also serve as a point in your favor because women are men who have a social life and who are not alone depending on them. Does your wife think you only have her? You are wrong!

5 / My wife has cheated me but that will not happen again

That is the goal you should aspire to. In short: It’s been two or three weeks without you ever seeing her again. You have avoided having all contact with her and you have not answered her phone calls. They have questioned you and that has made you to be a true man again, as in the beginning. Someone who makes decisions and who has known how to take on the situation. Now your eyes are wide open. You know that your wife deceives you but you also know that she has done it because you had let down your guard, you were not the man you used to be and she fled because of your weakness.

But you will not be weak anymore. After the time, invite her to dinner and tell her that you have understood that you made a mistake but that you have changed and that situation will not happen again. Once she gives you her consent, kiss her and never talk about what happened. Reliving the past now would be a symptom of weakness. Build between the two a future on new basis, with new projects and so the deception of your wife will only become a bad memory.

4 bad reasons to divorce

1 / You no longer spend time together

It is the daily complaint of all couples who work and have children. These activities prevent finding intimate moments with your wife or husband. The distance separates you and suddenly disconnects you from each other. This is not an automatic sign of divorce, but the opposite. The life of a couple must be above everything. It is worth leaving the children “placed” some weekends with family or friends and become lovers again.

2 / He spends his time watching TV / with another occupation

If your husband wants to spend some time alone or watching TV, it does not mean that he is getting away from you and that therefore you should ask for a divorce. It is necessary to accept that your partner needs your moments of relaxation alone.

3 / There is not enough sex

If your wife only wants sex once a week, it does not necessarily mean that she no longer loves you or that you have to divorce her for it. She may be tired and sex may be the last of her worries. Sometimes you can find a solution. It is possible that you have more opportunities to spend intimate moments helping your wife in the daily tasks that divorce you with the risk of not knowing what you will have later.

4 / You get bored

Is it that someone systematically leaves a job because he gets bored? People get bored with things when nothing is done to increase their interest. Do you think there is nothing you can do to counteract boredom and change your relationship?

How Can I Make My Husband Happy Sexually

How Can I Make My Husband Happy Sexually?

Pleasing a man in bed is much more complicated than most women think, read this article to know how can a wife make her husband happy again:

The notion that men are simple sexual creatures that can be easily satisfied is an idea that many women share, but it is terribly wrong.

Men are as complicated as women, and pleasing a man in bed and making you remember forever is not a very easy thing to do.

Beign a wife how can make my husband happy sexually again and again

how can a woman make her husband happy? 5 things what can a wife do to make her husband happy:

1.-  Take your time

Some women think that men only care about the final note of making love and not about the process.

This is completely wrong.

While it is important for a man to reach orgasm, men enjoy the whole process.

That is why foreplay is something that a man greatly appreciates and if or if you should take care of it if you really want to know how to please a man in bed .

How to satisfy a man in bed and Positions to make love

2.-  Change of position

Men like variety and it is easy for them to get bored if their sex life follows the same pattern over and over again.

To drive a man in bed crazy, all you have to do is change your sexual positions from time to time

Some positions may be more pleasurable for both of you, and it is possible to find one that you have not tried before, and that could give you extreme pleasure, so it’s worth trying new things when you want to learn how to please a man.

3.-  Do not forget to move

One of the things that men complain about is that their wife does not move in bed.

“All he does is just lie there” this is something I’ve heard many men talk about.

Your man wants to see that you are involved in this moment.

To seduce a man in bed you must be an active participant, it is not possible that you enjoy a lot of fun at a distance.

Also, the addition of your own movements to his will increase your pleasure and his in an incredible way.

How to satisfy a man – do not waste the chance to be a goddess in bed

4.-  Use your hands

We all know that the male genital area is sensitive to touch.

Your hands can do wonders to elevate the mood of your man and send him to ecstasy.

Make sure you use irregular strokes and change the rhythm often.

A tip that I found extremely useful is to use some baby oil on the hands.

This can literally send your man into a state of pleasure shock.

A truth about oral sex and how to make a man fall in love

5.-  Oral Sex

One thing that all men enjoy is oral sex .

To really please your man, you have to give him some oral sex.

Men are naturally very grateful to women who do that, and you will probably get special treatment in return.

Make sure you take your time and experiment with different techniques.

O que dar de presente para namorado

O que dar de presente para namorado

Ainda tentando descobrir o que levar seu pai para seu aniversário? Dezessete leitores derramam o melhor presente que já obtiveram para seu cara. De estragos loucos a presentes baratos e pensativos, aqui estão alguns presentes totalmente únicos que seu cara vai adorar.

1. DATA DO JANTAR AT-HOME : O que dar de presente para namorado

“Eu decidi cozinhar meu namorado seu jantar favorito para seu aniversário. Ele ficou completamente surpreso! Depois ele me contou que ele teve um ótimo momento e foi o melhor presente que ele já obteve, porque mostrou que eu sabia o que ele gostava. Era um ótima noite.” – Alyssa, 15

“Uma vez eu fiz meu quadro de fotos, decorá-lo e coloquei uma das nossas fotos nele. Ele adorou porque veio do coração e isso não custou muito!” – Jessica, 16

“No ano passado, levei meu namorado a um passeio de helicóptero em nossa cidade. Foi tão incrível! Ele ficou tão surpreso que ele achou que era uma piada quando ele abriu o cartão”. Ashley, 17

“O melhor presente de aniversário para um cara teria que ser algo divertido e diferente. Eu digo algo como enviá-lo para uma caça ao tesouro apenas para encontrar um jogo para o Xbox 360 ou um Wii. Tenha um amigo esconda o jogo (em algum lugar seguro) e configure a caça ao tesouro para que você e seu cara possam fazer isso juntos “. – Caitlin, 15

“Eu consegui meu namorado um cartaz do primeiro filme que vimos juntos. Foi além do perfeito.” – Catie, 19

“O melhor presente que recebi do meu namorado era um jogo de campismo. Incluía uma tenda, um colchão, uma lâmpada e sacos de dormir. Nós sempre usamos sua velha tenda para acampar antes, e o telhado sempre teve que ser apoiado pelo interior, então que não entraria. Ele estava tão animado para ter todas as coisas novas que fomos acampar no seu quintal! ” – Cynthia, 18


“Eu tirei citações de todas as letras que escrevi para o meu namorado durante o ano passado, juntamente com as pequenas coisas que dizemos um ao outro. Eu organizei as citações como uma colagem em papel colorido e anexou uma carta. Sua reação não tinha preço. Você sabe que alguns caras não gostam de mostrar seus sentimentos, mas ele adorou! ” – Imani, 18

“Eu fiz um livro de recados com uma tonelada de fotos de mim, ele e todos os seus amigos. As fotos eram todas de coisas diferentes que fizemos naquele ano, e cada página tinha um tema diferente. Ele achou que era adorável e tão pensativo “. – Jess, 20

“Este ano, meu namorado completou 22 anos. Por isso, em seu aniversário, comprei 22 itens diferentes que tinham valor sentimental ou que eu sabia que ele gostava ou precisava. Foi divertido ver ele cavar nesta enorme caixa e tirar 22 coisas. Isso mostrou que Eu o conheci bem e eu me diverti procurando as coisas “. – Jordyn, 17

“Algo caseiro permanecerá em sua mente para sempre. Eu fiz uma apresentação para o meu namorado que incluiu algumas de nossas músicas, fotos que eu sabia que o fariam sorrir e anedotas. Ele disse que era o melhor presente que alguém o tivesse conseguido!” – Kar-leigh, 18

“Meu namorado de um ano e meio é totalmente em metais pesados ​​e motocicletas. Estou em Beyoncé, então eu não tinha idéia do que pegá-lo. Então, eu consegui um cobertor preto e costurou em” Metallica “e repassei um imagem de patch da banda. Ele dorme com ela todas as noites “. – Liz, 17

“Meu namorado está realmente em carros. Ele apenas pegou este carro que ele iria consertar durante o verão. Sua garagem é uma bagunça absoluta, ferramentas colocadas em todos os lugares, então eu decidi comprar um conjunto de ferramentas muito bom. Ele foi absolutamente louco quando ele abriu! Ele ainda usa isso até hoje “. – Kristyn, 16

“Para o seu 17º aniversário, eu dei-lhe 17 dos meus biscoitos caseiros de bolachas de chocolate e agora ele implora por todos os aniversários”. – Meg, 17

“Eu consegui meu namorado com uma nova vara de lacrosse. Ele adora tanto laxas, então ele realmente gostou!” – Michelle, 15

“Para o aniversário de meu namorado, um ano eu comprei dois ingressos para um parque de diversões local. Para tornar o presente um pouco mais divertido, coloquei os passes em uma caixa e preenchi com suas fichas favoritas. Quando ele abriu o presente gigante, ele era um pouco surpreendido ao ver comida, até encontrar os ingressos no meio. Havia tantos sacos de batatas fritas na caixa que obtiveram antes de poder comer todos! ” – Natasha, 18

“Um ano eu fiz meu bf uma caixa coberta de fotos de nós e toques de ingressos de filmes e lugares diferentes que fomos juntos. Eu preenchi a caixa com seus lanches favoritos, uma temporada de seu programa de TV favorito e uma nova camiseta. ” – Whitley, 18

“O meu bf precisava de uma nova carteira, então eu comprei um para o seu dia b e cheguei com cartões de presente de US $ 10 de todos os lugares que ele gosta. Recebi cartões para lojas de roupas, lojas de fast food e livrarias. mostrou-lhe o quão bem o conheço, além disso, era um presente que ele realmente usaria “. – Kelsey, 23

Tips for successful marriage life

The best tips for successful marriage life

If you want to maintain a long-term marriage, then the only fundamental is to make your hubby happy and satisfied. Happy husband will help you to get a happy life. After marriage, husband becomes everything for a woman and this thing should be always kept in mind. If you win the trust and confidence of your hubby then you have to make every moment memorable.

Marriage is quite a delicate thing and most of the couples fail to understand the delicacy of this relationship even after spending the whole life together. If you want to lead a peaceful married life, then you have to avoid unwanted chaos. Increased chaos in life can make your life messy and you will get completely confused regarding how to make our partner happy.

How to resolve marriage issues with husband – tips for successful marriage life?

Do not allow any misunderstandings or confusions to step in between you and your husband as that might lead to dreadful consequences.  If you make a detailed survey of married couples, then you will come to know that misunderstandings are one of the leading reasons for most of the unsuccessful marriages. Things will get sorted out if you make out some quality for conducting conversations with your partner.

 You got to analyze every situation in a simplified way and then only you will make him understand about your views. Speak less and listen more and this fundamental can not only bring happiness but you will also be able to get rid of messy situations. Do not lose patience and then only you will be able to justify yourself correctly.

Anger is a destructive part of human behavior and it has the power to break any relationship within few seconds. Be more organized and composed so that different challenging situations can be tactfully handled. You should control your anger and then only you will be able to manage your married life properly. You have to increase your understanding level and then only the problems can be resolved with ease.

easy tips for successful marriage life

You can also involve any expert counselor so that you can receive valuable suggestions regarding how to make issues simplified in a better way. You should never say anything that hurt the sentiments of your husband. You should try to understand the viewpoint of your husband then only the matter will get sorted out without any mess. If your husband is suffering from any mental blockage or disorder, then you should try to take him out from that depressed stage.

Making married life exciting

If you add some exclusive spices, then you can get a great married life and your husband will also appreciate you. There are some commonest strategies that you can follow for bringing a different taste in your personal life.

  • Unexpected surprises: Unexpected surprises can really make your personal life smoother than ever. Flavor of romanticism blended with lots of love can change the mood of your husband instantly. Romantic presents can be gifted to your love of life like perfumes, bracelets and others. Make every day a special day for him by including some exciting activities. Decorate the whole house with flowers and bring champagne for celebrating your dinner in a unique manner. Do something different from other wives then only you will be able to attract the attention of your hubby.
  • Romantic date: Romantic dates can be arranged at home and this would be a great surprise for your hubby. Sift music and candle-night dinner will create a great combination and you can make him feel light and relaxed. Create a soothing environment so that he can enjoy the moments thoroughly without any interruption.
  • tips for successful marriage lifeMaintaining seductive appeal: You can put love makeover for making your hubby seduced and this is one of the most popular way outs. You can wear sexiest outfits and can invite him for sexual interaction. Sexual interaction can help your husband to get greater enjoyment and he can also get freedom from whole-day tiredness and work tension. Husbands will come quickly from office for seeing their lovely wives. This strategy will definitely work and you will get a chance of going much closer to your love.
  • Showing interest in hubby’s hobbies: If you want to know your husband well then you should show deeper interests in your hubby’s hobbies. Make him feel that you also like those hobbies like anything.
  • Cooking delicious foods: Delicious foods can steal the heart of your husband for sure and thus you should concentrate on making the most delicious foods of your husband’s choice rather than repeating the same foods daily.
  • Plan for weekend moves: Weekend movies can be planned or else you can transform your drawing-room into a home-theatre. You can bring DVDs of the favorite movies of your hubby so that you can watch them together with joy.
  • For More Detail Please Visit:


How to take good care of your husband?

If you want to show your love towards your husband then take good care of him. Every husband wants to get pampered and cared by his wife. If you are staying with your partner under one roof, then you should know those small things that can bring a big smile on his face. If you love somebody then you can never see him upset. There is no space for egoistic emotions if the relation base is made from true love. In some cases, you have to treat your husband as a small and innocent child who needs lots and lots of care and love. Love is such a deal where you have to give everything without expecting anything in return. If you love somebody from the bottom of your heart, then you do not have to express anything in words rather your activities will reveal the same.
You always have to remember that you are a strong support to your husband and keeping this thing in mind you should frame your attitude towards him.

How to take good care of your husband?

If you want to show your love towards your husband then take good care of him. Every husband wants to get pampered and cared by his wife.  If you are staying with your partner under one roof, then you should know those small things that can bring a big smile on his face. If you love somebody then you can never see him upset.

There is no space for egoistic emotions if the relation base is made from true love. In some cases, you have to treat your husband as a small and innocent child who needs lots and lots of care and love. Your sincere efforts will get reflected in your deeds. If you love somebody from the bottom of your heart, then you do not have to express anything in words rather your activities will reveal the same.

You always have to remember that you are a strong support to your husband and keeping this thing in mind you should frame your attitude towards him. Nothing can be a better support in life for a man other than his wife’s love. You should perform all your duties towards your husband on a sincere note without expecting anything in return. Love is such a deal where you have to give everything without expecting anything in return.

Best tips for taking good care of your husband

  • Cooking delicious and healthy food:

There is quite a popular saying that you can reach to the heart of your husband via the stomach. Therefore, you have to make the stomach of your husband satisfied all the time. Husbands prefer to have delicious foods cooked by their wives. This is really a great expectation of all husbands from their wives. Working wives hardly get any time for cooking and thus they cook only on weekends.

 Try to make some quality time for cooking the most favorite dishes for your husband as this is one of the best policies of making the relationship stronger than ever. You can follow different cooking shows on televisions or can read out the recipe books in your leisure hours so that you can give pleasant surprises to your husband in the form of yummy dishes. If your husband is a foodie, then this strategy will work faster and you will be able to win his heart.

Only healthy foods should be cooked so that only nutritional elements are taken by your husband. You have to take good care about the fitness and health of your husband. There are some careful tips that need to be essentially maintained while cooking foods for your loved one.

 Old dishes should not be repeated frequently rather innovative and exciting dishes should be added to the menu for making the meals more exciting and satisfying.  The meals should be served hot and proper meal-schedules should be maintained. You can cook innovative dishes for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays and others. This kind of arrangement not only makes your husband happy, but the warmth of your relationship can also be efficiently maintained in the long run.

  • Be sincere and dutiful:

A sincere wife has got many roles to play that can make her husband happy and satisfied. You should discharge all your duties sincerely and on time so that your hubby can get pleased. Every morning you have to wake up early and make tea or coffee for him. Then, you have to go to kitchen for preparing his breakfast and Tiffin. You should iron the office dresses properly and neatly and keep them absolutely ready.

 The necessary accessories like wallet, belt, socks, shoes, handkerchief, watch and others should be kept in one place so that your husband can get easy access to them. If you do all these stuffs on a regular basis, then your husband will definitely notice the same and will feel the warmth and affection that you are showing towards him.

 A big smile and a warm hug will make his whole day fantastic. He will always feel that you are around him all the time. You can welcome him home from the office with a fresh look and a great smile for making him feel good.

  • Relaxing massage:

You can show your cordial affection by offering night-time massages. Massaging can be treated as one of the most relaxing solutions that can bring acute happiness to him. You can convert your bedroom into a nice spa by arranging scented candles, soft music and flower petals. Give your husband a completely rejuvenating session so that he can get rid of unwanted stress, tension and other mental disorders. He will definitely feel better and you can also get a golden chance of going too close to him. In fact, this is one of the best deals that a husband can get from his wife.

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Good husband and wife

Being good husband and wife a must for a healthy married life:

There are lots of good advice on how to be good husband and wife that can be followed to make a husband happy in the relationship. Only respect and kind words can make him happy. Treat him in a way that you would like to be treated. How to make a husband happy can sound funny but it is the best way to avoid divorce and live happily with your spouse. Since husbands work hard to provide to the families, he deserves to be happy. They deserve love and care. You can make your husband happy by showing your love. If you love him show that to him. If you are happy with your husband, even the kids will have some security in the family. They will learn from you and when they grow up, they will also respect their spouses.

Be romantic

Even after years of marriage, do not allow romance to take a back seat and make it your priority. Save sometime for the romantic activities like beach walks, candle light dinners and cuddle up while watching a movie. Do not wait for any special occasion to take out some time for the man of your life. Since sexual fulfillment is the top priority of any male, try and spice up the sex life. Since the happiness of a man is dependent on a woman, you need to find out ways on how to make him happy. It is true that keeping the marriage fresh and exciting is challenging amid the stress of daily existence but there are ways to let him know how much you love him.

Discuss out your problems

There is no point in bottling up or accumulating the issues and staying quiet. The bitterness and problems will grow on you to cause issues in the conjugal relationship. If you have any problem, try to discuss that out with your husband. Be calm and carry out reasoned discussion with him. Be a good listener and then speak patiently. Do not just scream at him.

Show love and appreciation

Nowadays, husbands are too romantic and they never leave any stones unturned when it comes to making you feel special. He may buy flowers, a dress or perfume and your task must be to show love and appreciation. Do not take all the wonderful things your man does for you casually. Let him know how much you like the gift or his gesture of love. Give him a kiss and hug when he presents a gift.

Fix up anything which is bothering you

A relationship always works two ways. If your man is happy and you are unhappy, it will show on your face at some point of time. You need to discuss that out politely and resolve it.

Let him feel secured

Only when you are honest with him and reveal what you are doing he will feel secured. Trust is very important in a conjugal relationship. Even if he does not like certain facts, you have to be honest and truthful. Then, try to compliment your man when he deserves or does something praiseworthy. It would be a great bonus if you compliment him in front of his friends.

Avoid making him jealous

There are many who just commit the mistake of making her man jealous. This only hurts a boyfriend and husband and does no good. It may even harm the relationship by damaging the trust.

Being the support system

Be his support system and do not criticize him severely if he does something wrong. Everyone commits a mistake and if he has done some mistakes, try to avoid that and support him. If you blame him like others, it will cause a serious dent to your relationship. He will be more than happy when he is supported by his ladylove. When times are tough, just remind him of his great qualities and he will like you more. Apart from this, it is important to respect him all the time and never to belittle him in front of others. Boost his ego by showing that you depend or rely on him.

Doing nice things for him

A relaxing massage or pampering session after a hard day’s work can make your man very happy. Pick any of the evenings and give him a relaxing massage. Secondly, cook his favorite food and dishes. It is rightly proclaimed that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you cook well, he will be happy.

Break free from everyday monotony and do something special for your husband. Plan out date nights and just inject the element of fun in your relationship. Try and give him surprise gifts in return for the good work done by him. If he has earned promotion, throw a surprise party to compliment him in front of all. This will make him feel on the top of this world.

Follow the above points and improve yourself to be a Good husband and/or wife.

How To Make Your Husband Happy?

How To Make Your Husband Happy?

Falling in love is easy but, so is falling out of it. Marriage was once considered to be a union of a lifetime where two people committed to each other but, now it requires work from both the parties. As a woman, you would often feel neglected and frustrated due to lack of attention from your husband. Also, if you are a working woman you must wonder why you need to work towards making your marriage work and not your husband. Honestly speaking, somebody has to take matters in hand else all those lovely moments that you have spent with each other will become a mistake. And when you change, your husband will be forced to acknowledge your hard work behind making your union successful and hence, motivate him as well to become more caring.

how to make your husband happy
how to make your husband happy

How To Make Your Husband Happy: Easy ways to pleasing your husband or boyfriend:

Mostly, what men want is not constant harangues and nagging when they come back from a long day of work. You too have put in a long day of work at, either home or in office or both. Both of you are tired and drained, what you need now is not complains but, relaxation. At this time pleasing your husband should not be along drawn out and complicated process. A simple glass of wine, some good food (if necessary order from outside), music to go along and light conversation will work wonders. A long soak in a warm bath (already drawn out), with candles for a little ambiance, will drain away all his tiredness and worries.Weekends are when you need to come out all guns blazing (pun intended). This does not mean smother your husband in flowery talks, kisses, and compliments. It simply means that the best way to make the most in your relationship is the weekends. Pleasure your husband or pleasure your boyfriend with a full body massage. Create an ambiance with scented candles and oils and let your hands work their magic with a little TLC (tender loving care). Couple tickets to a favorite game or movie followed by a romantic lunch or dinner are the most effective way of surprising your husband or boyfriend. These are just a few small tricks that require planning but, not too time-consuming in execution. However, they make your relationship strong and does not allow romance to die out.

Things might be a little complicated if kids are thrown into the mix. In such a case, arrange for them to have a babysitter if you plan to go out. And, if you plan to play home then, drop them off at grandparents place or a good friends house.

How To Make Your Husband Happy:

Men tend to have a special affinity towards their dogs. They are their pals, buddy, and best friends. Treat the man’s dog well and he shall keep you in high regards. Pleasuring your dog is the easiest thing, even a good belly rub will make them happy. But, they too have special needs so, treat them to a day of complete grooming once in a while. Play ball, throw sticks, go for long walks etc., with the dog. At times do these as a couple activity with your partner. Such little deeds will bring you closer.

In a relationship, sometimes the physical aspect is also not satisfying. In such a case, stop feeling embarrassed, take the bull by its horns and consult a doctor. There are others too, just like you, so do yourself a favor and make an appointment with a qualified doctor.Mostly, it is not a very big issue. Often, the solution is very simple but, with constant worrying, we make matters worse.

The point behind all these little tricks of the trade is to keep the romance alive in your relationship in the years to come. So, even your little effort will make a big difference.

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