Does Anal Sex Make Your Butt Bigger

Truth about Anal Sex: Does Anal Sex Make Your Butt Bigger?

All, however, seem to agree on one thing: that we women love. Generalization that, like all, is suspicious and has dyes to be rather a justification of its own taste. For that reason and so that my dear readers do not say that I do not deviate from my path to satisfy them, I took the trouble to discuss the matter with my friends. Below are three conclusions we reached.

1. The most obvious and the most ignored: anal sex hurts.

My friend Juana says that for one to let him get in behind he has to be drunk or the guy must have him as a child. Wise words. In an elegant and simple way they pointed to the fact that no woman allows anal sex in good judgment, a dry stick (the latter in several ways) and without having previously taken some type of relaxing to relax not only the environment, but the muscles of his delicate and narrow back door. Door through which many men intend to enter without warning, breaking as much glass, mucous and muscle obstruct the way.

My dear gentlemen, if we talk about the year, any lack of tact can end in the most painful consequences – hence, some recommend starting with your fingers, using babitas and, of course, lubricants that nowadays come in the most varied presentations. An extra fact: contrary to the common belief, petrolatum is not recommended. In addition to sticking to everything you find (sheets, walls, back and hair), there is nothing more unpleasant than a slug penetration (anal or vaginal) with the soft residues of a petroleum derivative.

2. Not all women like it.

I have heard that on the Coast men believe that we all like to be penetrated from behind – so accustomed they are to their donkeys (and as they do not speak) -. Nothing more false. There are women who say they would only do it with certain men. This is the case of Julieta, my other friend, who has answered the naive ones who have proposed to her that she will not do it until she “has a ring here” and puts the ring in her face, the same finger as many, surely, They would like to be put somewhere else. Anal sex involves blood, several days of pain and, often, excrement. That is why it is advisable to do it with someone who at least feels comfortable saying “pee and poop” -and, from the comments I have seen on the website, this is not the case with many of you-. Further, This is one of the sexual positions that gives more power to man. Think about it: who can move with something that crosses the rectum? There are women who feel more comfortable walking free.

3. Once the taste is removed, it is addictive.

So much so that it is known that some women (my friend Maria) do not sleep quietly without first verifying that they have one or two set of Chinese balls in the first drawer of the bedside table. And you can even hear stories of some who, dazzled by promises of new horizons, do not go back to the old ways, I would like to clarify: the traditional vaginal penetration. For that reason, in order not to block a potential addict -of which you, gentlemen, will surely be able to make the most of it- it is important to have the first two truths in mind. As I said: it’s always good to start with a little finger, watch the reaction, and move on.

If you ask me -because I know that my curious readers will do it-, my opinion is this: I like anal penetration from time to time, rather spaced and without leaving the regular channels. Of course, never in the same task, always with known types and never the first time. I’m not such a donkey.